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Welcome to your school photo viewing page

Greetings Sea of Strengths Families,

I was honored to capture your children's school pictures on November 4th. I had so much fun with them. Thank you for having me. 


To view your child's school photos click on the link at the bottom on this page. Your school will provide the password. 


Once you enter, find your child's class and then it's individual gallery. Siblings have a separate album. You can order prints and digital files right from your gallery. 

TO USE THE BULK SHIPPING OPTION ALL PRINT ORDERS ARE DUE BY TUESDAY DEC 13th AT MIDNIGHT! (since we have a holiday week I extended the print order deadline). 

After this date shipping costs will apply.


If you order prints within this timeframe please notice that I will ship them directly to your school.

Your gallery will close for good September 30th, 2022.


Some kids are willing and ready to give me a variety of expressions and some are more reserved. This is why some kids have more photos in their gallery than others. I promised 2-5.


Ordering is super easy. Once you click BUY PHOTO you have all the options. You can choose between prints, metal wall art and digital files.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns.


Please enjoy now your children's photographs.



Your gallery is ready to be viewed 

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