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Welcome to your school photo viewing page

Greetings Guidepost Aldie Families,

I came back for a make-up day and was super excited to photograph some new kids and the missing kids. Thank you again for having me. 


To give every family the same chance to order prints I decided to reopen the gallery for another week for all of you. Maybe you need some Christmas gifts for your loved ones or you missed the deadline last time.


To view your child's school photos click on the link at the bottom of this page. Your school will provide the password. 


Once you enter, find your child's class and then it's individual gallery. Room 13 students who were transfert are still in their old class rooms folder. Siblings have a separate album. You can order prints and digital files right from your gallery. 



Why? Because I order all the photos at my lab once. Other than digital files, print orders will not be available after this date. With any PRINT COLLECTION order you will receive a free 5x7 class photo. 


Some kids are willing and ready to give me a variety of expressions and some are more reserved. This is why some kids have more photos in their gallery than others. I promised 2-5.


Ordering is super easy. Once you click BUY PHOTO you have all the options. You can choose between prints, metal wall art and digital files.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via contact form below if you have any questions or concerns. 

If you order prints please notice that I will ship them directly to your school.

Please enjoy now your children's photographs.



Your gallery is ready to be viewed 

Gallery Link
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